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Smooth N Shine Mousse Review

Yesterday, a lady stopped me and asked me what did I use on my hair to make it so shiny? I thought to myself, is my hair shinning? LOL Then, I told her that I use water and mousse. She was rushing to catch the bus so I didn’t have time to elaborate. Today, I thought maybe that’s something that I should share with my blog readers. 
I know I mostly post what’s going on with my daughter’s hair, but today, I thought I would share with you what I’ve been doing to my hair all summer! This post won’t take long at all because I’ve been rocking a boring ponytail all summer long that looks like this:

I’ve been waking up every morning using my spray bottle (filled with warm water), shine mousse, and my brush. This is the style that I’ve been embracing all summer. My hubby told me he’s tried of looking at this ponytail so I’ll be making a change really soon!

I really like the mousse because it holds my curly hair down without making it hard and it does give it a nice shine too. Here are a few shots of how it looks hanging.

Shine moose gets 2 thumbs up from me! It is very reasonably priced. I paid under 2 bucks for mine. If you are interested in trying it or want more information on it, just go here. I purchased mine at a local CVS store, but I’ve seen it in Target too.