Simple Cornrows Tween Hairstyle

little girls hairstyle natural brown girls hair

What’s Up Brownies?

We were getting ready to go to the Universoul Circus a few weeks ago and I didn’t want to take a long time to do A Che’s hair, but I wanted it to be fresh!

I decided to do 2 quick cornrows in the front and back then put her hair up in her famous bun! A Che’ says that her friends call her bun girl! LOL I think that’s pretty cool! (more…)

How To Cornrow Tutorial 2

how to cornrow tutorial braids cornrows

How To Cornrow

What’s Up Girlies?

If you don’t know how to cornrow, you WILL after watching this video tutorial. This is our most requested tutorial and it has taken me way too long to do it. That is because I wanted to make sure my instructions were clear along with the footage. I wanted it to be easy to follow and understand. I wanted everyone who watched this video to be able to learn how to do it without being frustrated or confused.