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Another Easy Updo *Natural Hairstyle for Girls*

little black girls hair styles wedding easter ponytails
Here’s another cute, quick, & easy updo. This style is great for all ages! It’s perfect for church, weddings, school, and every event in between!
Supplies Needed:
Moisturizer (I used Kera Care Conditioning Creme)
Smoothing Gel (I used Eco Styling Gel)
Brush (I used the Knot Genie)
A Che’s hair was slightly stretched for this hairstyle. This style was done after the Knot Genie Review video. I washed, conditioned, and detangled her hair. Then I put it in 4 ponytails, twisted, and let her hair air dry.
  1. Part hair from ear to ear.
  2. Make 2 angle parts from the front to the part in the middle. *Use the edge of her eyes as your guide to make the parts.*
  3. Cornrow,Twist, or Dutch braid (whichever you choose) the left and right sections.
  4. Put all 3 front sections in a ponytail. Split the ponytail into 2 sections and twist each section.
  5. Brush the back section up into a high ponytail close to the front ponytail. Split the ponytail into 2 sections and twist each section.
  6. Take the plaits from the rear ponytail and wrap them around the top ponytail and tuck the ends inside of the ponytail holder.
  7. Take the plaits from the top ponytail and wrap them around the rear ponytail and tuck the ends inside of the ponytail holder.
Tip: You can use hair pins to hold her hair in place if needed. You also may need to play around with the ponytails to get the look that you want!
For short hair you can use perm rods on the ponytails or do a cute straw set on them OR just rock 2 big afro puffs!
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You can purchase the knot genie brush HERE!

4th of July Hair & Outfit

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Brown Girls Hair
Tutorial Posted HERE!

Hi Brown Girls!

I hope you all had an amazing 4th of July! I just want to share with you what my daughter wore for the 4th along with how her hair is braided for the remainder of her summer break!

Yes, I said this is how her hair will be for the remainder of her summer break because she goes back to school on August 1, which I know is super early!

I decided to braid it up because we will be going to the beach soon and I ain’t doing no hair! I will record how I maintain her hair after summing etc because I get that question a lot. So stay tuned for the hairstyle tutorial and the summer swim hair maintenance video’s coming soon! This hairstyle took me about 5 hours to do.

The outfit is by Apple’s Eye Designs and I purchased the shoes from a local Burlington for only $5.99!

simplicity 1674, M6918, fashion, tweens, braids, hairstyles for girls
Brown Girls Style
simplicity 1674, m6918, braids, hairstyles for girls, black, women, natural hair
Brown Girls Style
simplicity 1674, top, skort, m6918, fashion, tweens, girls
Brown Girls Style
For those of you who like to sew, the top is Simplicity 1674 and the Skort is McCall M6918.
simplicity 1674, top, m6918, fashion, girls, tween, hairstyles, braids
Brown Girls Style
Hair Tutorial Posted HERE!
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Side Cornrows Tutorial on Natural Girls Hair


Brown Girls Hair Cornrows Natural Kids

Brown Girls Hair

This is a cute and super easy style that will last for at least a week!
Step 1
Make a cornrow around her edges. I like to do this to keep her edges neat.
Step 2
Make a slanted part and cornrow the hair to the edge and stop. I put a hair clip on to keep the cornrow from unraveling.
Step 3
Repeat Step 2 above all the way down.
Step 4
Take the remaining hair and cornrow it down to the end!
That’s it! A quick and simple style that you can repeat all year long!

Twists Styled Wet & Air Dried

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Brown Girls Hair

This is another twists style that I did on her hair while it was wet then I let it air dry. I washed and conditioned her hair with TRESemme’ shampoo & conditioner. I used As I Am Twist Defining Cream to style her hair.

This style was done 2 weeks before the wedding. You can read that post HERE.

I choose to do it because I knew that I was going to use heat on her hair for the wedding and I didn’t want to use any heat on it at the time of this style.

This style was done on June 1, 2014. The wedding was on June 15, 2014.

You see a more detailed video on How I do Twist HERE and How I Maintain them HERE.

What products do you use to do your daughter’s twists?

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