Our New Chairs for Hair Time

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Bar Stools for Styling Chairs

One of our Facebook friends, Elizabeth, saw our chairs in one of our pictures and asked me about them. I told her that I would do a post on them. As promised, here’s the post. I was browsing in Marshall’s looking for school clothes for A Che’ this past weekend and I came across these chairs.

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Chair for Hair Time

I always like to browse through the home section of stores like Ross, T.J. Max, and Marshalls. I always find really nice things for the home that don’t cost an arm and a leg, as my parents would say! LOL I’ve had my eye on a nice chair that I put in my wish list on Amazon.com to use for hair time that cost $100. My plan was to save up to buy it. Because A Che'(my daughter) has to sit for a while during hair time, and because we have to film a lot, getting a chair that I can rotate and that is comfortable was a must.

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Bar Stool for Hair Time

When I saw these chairs, I knew that they would be perfect IF the price was right. I looked at the price tag ($59.99 ea) and I immediately ran to the front of the store to get a shopping cart! The whole while I was thinking, How am I going to pay for these chairs without my hubby figuring out that I have a secret stash of cash? LOL!! Well I managed to avoid telling him how I paid for them because I do make my own money you know!!! SIDE NOTE: Ladies, always have your OWN money stream. I’m not saying that the worse WILL happen, but I am saying that the worse CAN happen.

Anyway, needless to say, I have the chairs and we love them. They are actually bar stools, but they are perfect. They go up and down and swivel 360 degrees around. I found some that are similar on Amazon here! They look really comfy and are cheaper than mine. You get 2 chairs for $89.99 and shipping is free. They are worth a try. I would try them if I hadn’t already purchased these. #RealTalk

Sometimes we still do the old fashion sit on the floor while I’m on the couch thing, but when we are filming, these are perfect. How do you sit for hair time with your little one?

Happy Styling

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