My Daughter’s Toddler Hair Care Explained

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Brown Girls Hair 1.5 years old

What’s Up Brownies?

I get a lot of questions about how I cared for my daughter’s hair when she was a toddler.  On the Brown Girls Hair History page, I talk about how I washed her hair once a year from age 3 to 5. I want to provide a little more background on why I did that.

First let me say, If I had it to do all over again, with the knowledge that I have now, I would certainly do things differently. I washed her hair only once a year mainly out of ignorance. For one, I had no clue of how to deal with my daughters thick, course, natural hair. My Mom had no clue either. BUT, I was determined that I wasn’t going to put a perm in it to make my life easier. So until I was able to figure out what to do with it, I did nothing. I simply left it alone. I thought, It’s better for me to leave it alone, than for me to do something that would damage it. I was blessed, in spite of my ignorance, her hair grew like weeds.

While I was “leaving it alone”, I was talking with a hair stylist who told me it’s best to just leave little kids hair alone, the dirtier, the better. That just solidified my stance in my mind so I just kept “leaving it alone”, until I learned better.

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Brown Girls Hair 1 year old

While I was “leaving it alone” I had a sweet baby sitter that would braid it for me from time to time (because she couldn’t stand this pretty little girl walking around with her hair all over her head)! LOL I didn’t know how to braid it…or should I say, I didn’t remember. I use to do it on my dolls when I was a little girl, but doing it on a busy body toddler was a whole ‘nother story!

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Brown Girls Hair at 2 years old

I had a perm most of my life and natural hair was just becoming “popular”. In fact, YouTube was born the same year that my daughter was so I didn’t have that to refer to as a guide to learn how to deal with my daughters hair. My daughter is 10. YouTube just turned 10. 10 years ago, there were not tons of natural hair blogs, natural hair products, or natural hair guru’s available to give me good advice on how to deal with my daughter’s natural hair. That’s why I started this blog/youtube in the first place. I couldn’t find anything in 2004-2007 on the internet to help me with my daughter’s hair.

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Brown Girls Hair at 2 years old

I created the Brown Girls Hair History page because people kept asking me,  “What did you do to get your daughter’s hair so long?” I simply shared what I did, which was nothing. I didn’t want to lie and create this great page of tons of things that I did to make myself look good. I just told the truth. I didn’t share that as advice to do “nothing” to your child’s hair. I was just answering the question.

The next question I get is, “What about product build up?” I wasn’t putting anything in her hair (from birth-2), so there wasn’t any build up of product. It was just dirty hair. When she was 2, I discovered Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk worked really well on her hair. But, I couldn’t afford to use it because her hair required a lot of it and at that time, in 2006, Carol’s Daughter was only sold online so I had to order it ($18 per bottle) and pay shipping. That wasn’t in my budget so I was back at square one.

Now, please don’t do what I did. My advice is to wash your child’s hair as needed. Don’t wash it every week because someone told you that you should. I say, if it’s dirty every week, then wash it every week. But if it’s not dirty, why are you washing it? Hair creates natural oils that are good for it. If you are constantly stripping it by washing it every day or too often, that’s not good either.

YOUR judgement on your child’s hair care is the BEST judgement. Use it. I also recommend my new love, Shea Moisture products for you and your baby! I wish this stuff was around when my little girl was a baby!

Anyway, I hope this brings more clarity on my point of view. Thanks for taking the time to read this!



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