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What’s Up Brownies?

Last year in July (which is the last time her hair was flat-ironed), I started a series to show you how long A Che’s hair last when I flat-iron it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to complete it because her Daddy decided to take her swimming. 🙁

This time we are going to do it successfully because it’s too cold to go swimming and I am determined that you will not be denied this time! We will call this our Flat-Iron Series!

As I shared in the post on Monday, I flat-ironed A Che’s hair on April 6, 2016 (exactly a week ago) so that I could give her a good trim. Many of you have asked me how long does her flat-irons last?

The answer is, until I wash her hair again. Her hair doesn’t revert unless it gets wet. She doesn’t sweat it out, humidity doesn’t ruin it, for her, it only reverts when water hits it!

Her hair with stands humidity pretty well on its own but I think the creme press that I use by Kera Care does help. The creme press also moisturizes her hair and is a heat protectant. It’s a great product for multiple things and that’s why I love it!

I recommend it for thick, coarse hair. My hair is not thick and coarse like A Che’s and the creme press is too heavy for me. It weighs my hair down and I don’t like it. But it works great for A Che’s hair. So if you have hair that weighs down easily by heavy products, this might not work for you.

Here are pictures of her hair at the 1 week mark. She has worn cornrows for 3 days which is why it’s wavy! That hairstyle tutorial for the cornrows that she wore is HERE! This braid out is FIYA! I must say! :)!

Oh, if you have Snapchat, make sure you ADD us we are having a ball on there! Aches_world, BrownGirlsHair, BrownGirlsStyle! I know that’s a lot but it’s so much fun!

See Ya Friday Brownies! If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section. I will answer you promise!


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  • Lynnette Steele

    A’Che is so lucky, when I give my daughter her two strand twist out without enough moisturiser and hair cream, it’s pretty in the morning, but by the time she gets home her hair looks like a sandy brown cotton ball.

    • Shaunic Post author

      Lol! She doesn’t wear her hair down yet! I don’t know what it would look like when she got home from school if she did!

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