Kisse Girl Talk Episode 1


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What’s Up Brownies?

Last week we started a new series that allows us to share who we are! After posting our first video, you all gave us some great suggestions on what to call it!We loved the suggestion by Sherryl to call it Kisse Girl Talk because it includes the name our new beauty brand, Kisse Girl, as well as our signature Kisse that we do at the end of each video!!

In our talks, we will share what’s going on with us behind the scenes of brown girls hair in our real lives! We will share our business (Kisse Girl), our family, our struggles, and our journey to build and maintain a healthy mother/daughter relationship through her teenage years to adulthood! We will post one new Kisse Girl Talk video every week on the same day that we film it and post hairstyle videos in between! Sometimes, we will do them live to make them more interactive!!

We are thrilled to do this because it is a change from our norm and it helps us to feel and be more connect to the people who are supporting us!

Check out episode 1 and make sure you are a part of this journey with us! We can do this thing called life together because we can do more when we support each other!



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