How To Do A Wavy Twistout


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What’s Up Brownies?

I finally mastered getting my twist out to turn out WAVY!!! Let me show you how.I have always wanted to get my curl pattern to stay the way it looks wet once it dries. If you have hair that puffs out and becomes frizzy and hard to comb while it’s drying, you know exactly what I mean.

A couple of months ago, I did an experiment to see if it would give me the results that I was looking for and IT DID!! There is nothing that describes that feeling of figuring out your hair. Actually getting past the learning curve and knowing exactly what to do in order to get the result you want….that my friend is priceless for sure!!

I’m sharing with you how I finally got the result that I was looking for with this wavy twist out look in hopes that if this is something that you desire, it will help you!

The products that I used are from The Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian Collection along with my own Kisse Girl Hair & Body Oil! 

Check out the video below to see how I did it!


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