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I am sharing with you the things I did with Brown Girls Hair from birth to now. I decided to put together this page to answer the questions that I get the most. 

I am not an expert or a professional in the hair care industry. I am not in anyway saying that the things I did or do will work for whatever you are trying to achieve. I’m not saying that these are things that you should or shouldn’t do. I’m just simply sharing what I did. 

Good. Bad. Indifferent. Whatever you choose to do with your child’s hair is totally up to you. My suggestion is to do your best to keep it healthy. That’s really all that matters.

Let me first say, in the beginning, I had no idea what to do with her hair. I learned through trial and error. I learned quickly what works for someone else, may not work for me. Keep that in mind as you read this page. What worked and works for us, may not work for you.

One bit of advice that was given to me by a professional stylist to celebrity’s that did work for me, She said, “You don’t need to wash children’s hair a lot. When you do that, you are washing the natural oils out that they need to have healthy hair.” She said, “Just leave it alone, the dirtier the better.”

This may sound crazy to you, because it sounded crazy to me. But that’s exactly what I did. My daughters hair grew like weeds from ages 3 to 5. I can only remember washing her hair once a year from age 3 to 5, no lie. (Further Explained HERE)



During the toddler stage, she can’t be still for long periods of time and please don’t expect her to. Put her favorite show on TV, give her a doll to play with, etc. My point is, give her something to do that will help her get through the process easier.

Learning how to deal with hair time is a process for your child. She is not going to automatically be still, or know how to sit while getting her hair done. As a Mom, you want to make sure hair time is a pleasurable bonding time for you and your child. Your child has to learn that hair time is something that we have to do, so lets make the best of it. You having a positive attitude will help your child adjust faster to the process.
Below is a timeline for what I did with Brown Girls Hair throughout the years.


Newborn-1 year old


Products Used

Johnson & Johnson Shampoo


My daughter didn’t really have cradle cap and she was born in Oct. So the first 5 months, I didn’t wash her hair. Because it was the winter months (Oct-Feb), I was afraid she would get sick. I washed her hair as needed which was not often. My advice is to wash as her doctor tells you to.

Between the age of 1 and 2, I had a very hard time trying to find a product that would help me be able to comb her hair because it was so thick. And at this age, they will not be still for nothing! Shea Moisture products didn’t exist when my daughter was this age, I certainly recommend you use Shea Moisture Baby for Newborn and up! 

As you can see in the 8 month picture above, my daughter is wearing rubber bands. I’m not against rubber bands. They can be used as long as you use them properly. I show you how I use them in the video below.



Detangling has to be the most important part of washing her hair. If it’s not detangled properly, it will be very difficult to do anything else. At this young age, it shouldn’t be too difficult to do, but it will require time and patience. 

Detangling Thick Hair

If your daughter has very thick hair, like mine, BEFORE washing, I would first separate her hair into four sections, two in the front and two in the back. Make sure you comb through each section to make sure there are no knots, tangles,etc. Then,do 3 strand plaits each section. Make sure the plaits are loose so that you can wash her scalp good. See this video for a tutorial. (The beginning of the video shows her hair in the plaits and how I detangle.) 

Wash and condition her hair with the plaits in it. Now you can take down each section and add your leave in moisturizer or whatever product you want to use while her hair is wet. First, use you fingers to get out any tangles that may be in her hair. It should be very few. Then you can run the detangling comb straight through her hair. The easiest detangling method ever!

Detangling Thin Hair

Wash and Condition hair. Run your fingers through her hair while the conditioner is still in it to get as many tanlges out as you can with your fingers. Then use a detangling comb while the conditioner is in her hair to comb through it. 

If you are using leave in conditioner, go ahead and style as desired. If you need to rinse, do so, then add your moisturizer and style as desired.

I have a playlist that shows you how to do all of the above below!



2 years-4 years old


Products Used
Johnson & Johnson Shampoo
Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk (the picture above with the afro puffs was my very first time using it)

I washed her hair once a year, if that. I used Carol’s Daughter hair milk to comb her hair. I mostly kept it braided during this time. If it wasn’t in braids, it was in afro puffs as pictured above.  

*I stopped using Carol’s daughter because it was too expensive for me and I used a bottle up every few weeks. At the time it, was $18 for 8oz bottle and I had to pay shipping. Now there are stores in my area, but now it’s $20 for 8oz bottle. It works, but too costly for me. If it fits in your budget, I definitely recommend it. I have not tried any of the other products in the line.


4 years-6 years



Products Used

Suave Shampoo & Conditioner (still use when out of Cara B Naturally)
Fantasia Heat Protector Serum (still use pictured below)
Just for Me moisturizing lotion (still use when out Vitamin E oil)

From the age of 4 to 5 I washed her hair once a year. I blow dried it for the first time when she was 4. I used the heat protector above when I blow dried her hair (on warm) which was only once a year. She got her first trim at 5 years old. I get it trimmed once a year in December by my stylist of 20+years.

After she turned 5, I found it necessary to wash her hair more often. I started washing it every 3 months. She got it washed in January, March, June, September, and December. I pretty much did the same thing at the age of 6. I kept her hair in protective hairstyles that lasted at least a week at a time. The less you have to comb the hair or manipulate it, the better. I’ve found that braids and cornrows work best for us. 



7 years

Products I Use
Cara B Naturally Shampoo/Body Wash, Leave-In Conditioner, & Hair Mist

Fantasia Heat Protector

Vitamin E Oil by Mega Care(pictured below)


Now, I wash her hair every 6-8 weeks. For the month of March 2012 (pictured above), I twisted her hair using Cara B Naturally products instead of blow drying it. She wore the twist/twist out for about 3 weeks then I washed it out in April. So her hair was washed one extra time this year so far. This year she mostly wore cornrows, braids in the summer, and a combination of cornrows and ponytails.

Currently I am using my own mixture of shea butter and fixed oils on her hair as a moisturizer. It is working very well so far. I’m going to use this for the next year before I recommend it.

If you are a do it yourself type person like me, you can make your own vitamin e oil. Just use any carrier oil of your choice,coconut oil etc and add some vitamin e to it! It will save you $$. Click here for more details.

This page will be updated often. If there’s something that you would like to know about that isn’t here, please let me know. I will do my best to add it!




Click here to see the video of her hair length.

8 years old

natural black hair fashion blog

Brown Girls Hair Age 8

9 years old

January 2014

UPDATE: She turned 10 on October 16, 2014. Currently I wash her hair once a month. When I blow dry her hair, I do it on the warm setting. I alternate between blow drying and banding. I mostly band in the hot summer months because my daughter will catch a cold in a heart beat.

10 years old 

The pictures below were taken on July 26, 2015. You can read about the hair regimen used to straighten her hair below HERE. Her hair could easily be to/below her hips, but I choose to keep it around the length that it is.

I’m doing this because it already takes a very long time to wash, detangle, and style her hair at the current length. At this time, I have no desire to deal with hair that is hip length or beyond. Another reason is because I want her to learn and be able to care for her own hair one day. She is having a very difficult time learning how to do her hair. View her struggle here. I couldn’t image her trying to style hip length hair right now.

little black girls natural hair flat ironed back to school washday

Brown Girls Hair Flat-Ironed

back to school washday trim flat iron natural hair

Brown Girls Hair Trim

natural black hair girl hairstyles

A Che’ 10 years old

Products that we currently use as of 2017 can be found HERE!





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15 thoughts on “Brown Girls Hair History

  • Jamika

    I was just reading your regimen for your daughter stating that you washed her hair once a year, then once every three months.
    1) How are you combating any product build up from cremes and oils which can make the hair gummy and the texture heavy versus light which enhances the natural wave pattern?
    2) Are you using a damp wash cloth at times to rejuvenate the hair?
    3) Any suggestions on how to keep box twists from drawing up over the course of 1-2 weeks?
    Thx so much.

    • Shaunic Post author

      1. Hi! When she was little, I didn’t put a lot of products in her hair so product build up wasn’t an issue. Now don’t get me wrong, her hair did get dirty, but it wasn’t smelly or dirty to the point where it wasn’t sanitary. If I had it to do all over again, of course, I would wash it at least once a month. Back then, I was struggling, I had no clue of what to do with her hair so I just left it alone. My ignorance worked in our favor because her hair grew like crazy. As I mentioned above, I’m certainly not saying “Don’t wash your child’s hair, I just shared what I did because people wanted to know. I recommend you wash your child’s hair as you see fit; once a week, twice a month, etc. Do what works best for your child. Today, my daughter is 10 and I wash her hair once a month.

      2. No I don’t remember using a damp wash cloth, but that sounds like a great idea between washing.

      3. I’m not quite sure what you mean by “keeping box twist from drawing up”. With a little more detail, I may be able to answer that one.

  • harrellkids5

    Hi. Your daughter is a cutie!! Thanks for sharing her hair journey. One of my daughters has very dry, thick and coarse hair. She’s been natural going on 3 yrs now. Any suggestions on product(s) that I can try for moisture? Thanks in advance

    • Shaunic Post author

      I use to have dry hair issues with my daughter’s hair and what has worked for us is Kera Care Oil Moisturizer and Kera Care Night time moisturizer. You can use either one. I use the entire line but you can try one of those to see if it helps. Whatever moisturizer you choose, make sure the first ingredient that is listed on the back of the bottle is WATER! If the first ingredient isn’t water, it’s not a moisturizer.

  • Chasity

    My daughter is almost 6 and still have no clue how to manage her hair. Ive tried to loc method, keeping it in braids and i guess it keeps breaking off bc its remained at thr same length for the last 3 years. I was told by 2 people she has red hair and its harder to manage bc it dries quickly. Do you have any suggestions

  • Theresa

    Hello! My daughter has really thick hair and I know that its not best to blow dry it but we have to because she I am busy and i dont really have enough time to air dry. What should I do?

  • amanna

    Hello i am the chld and i am 12 years old, i am trying to grow my hair but I feel like it is not growing and i don’t know how and where to start this process you have been doing since she was a baby. My mom washes my hair every 4-9 weeks and my hair is healthy but also very thick ,but my hair is like almost at my shoulders Please help me!

    • Shaunic Post author

      Hi there! I highly recommend that you take our free hair care course. It will help you with every question/issue that you probably have. The link to sign up is here