Hair Care Course

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We re-launched our Hair Care Methods That Work course this week! This course is for you if you have no clue how to have a detangle free wash day, if you don’t know how to moisturize, how to create a daily or weekly hair routine, if you don’t know how to style for growth, if you have no clue how to take care of a head of natural hair period…..This course was created for you!

The course has 35 sections full of video tutorials showing you step by step how to get your hair life together!! It’s only $25 and comes with a free 8 oz bottle of our Kisse Girl Hair & Body Oil (worth $16+shipping =$20). Purchasing the oil with shipping cost about $20 so you are really getting the course for $5!! You can’t beat that with a brick! 🙂

Click the enroll link below to check out the course curriculum and sign up today!