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A Che’s first day of 5th Grade

What’s up Brownies?

Yesterday was A Che’s first day back to school after a short summer break. She’s a 5th grader now! This will be her last year in Elementary school and that is a bitter-sweet feeling for me. Why? Because she is my youngest child, the last of the Mohican’s, cause I ain’t having no mo’! I’m way to old for that ish! LOL

Anyway, we attended open house this past Wednesday and she and I were hoping for a particular teacher and she found out that she didn’t get her. From that moment, she was not looking forward to her first day of school. I encouraged her by telling her to give the new teacher a chance. All of her teachers in the past have been wonderful and to expect the same with this one.

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A Che’ Brown Girls Hair

When she got off of the bus yesterday, I asked her, How was your first day? She replied, “AMAZING” with the biggest smile that I had seen on her face all week! That was a huge relief for me because I don’t have to go through the process of requesting a teacher change! LOL

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Drawstring Bag from Claire’s

I decided that since she is a big girl now, that I would let her wear her hair down! She wore one simple ponytail and actually agreed to let her hair hang!  Well that’s not really down, but it was a big leap for her. She has all of this beautiful hair and doesn’t like for it to hang, YET! You can view how I flat-ironed her hair for school here!

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A Che’s First day of 5th Grade

I asked her, “Do you want me to pin your ponytail up or are you going to wear it down? Her first answer was pin it up, then she said well, I’ll wear it down and if it gets on my nerves, I’ll pin it up! I was like wow she’s going to try it for the first time! Usually when I ask her that, she always says, “Pin it” before I can even get it out of my mouth good!

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Checking for Baby Birds that Hatched

She made it all day with her ponytail hanging and told me that all of her friends loved it and how big she looked compared to the other “little kids”!

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She wore a simple outfit. Her bubble gum shirt is from JC Penny (door buster $6.99), her jeans are Forever 21 ($7.90), socks are from Forever 21 ($5.99 for 6 pair), Chuck Taylor’s from Ross ($22.99). She got the drawstring bag ($15.00) last year at Claire’s.

chuck taylor slip on sneakers converse

Chuck Taylor All Star Slip-On Sneakers

natural black hair fashion blog

First Day of 5th Grade

I hope your first day of school is a great one too, in fact, I pray that all of the kids all over the world have a safe and productive (2015-2016) school year! When do your Brownies go back to school? Are you ready? Talk to you Monday! Have a Great weekend!

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