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Brown Girls Hair*April 10, 2016

What’s Up Brownies?

The number one question that I get is “How did you get A Che’s hair so long?”

I am currently putting together an online class to show you step by step the things that I do, exactly how I do them, what tools and products I use to do them with, and WHY I do what I do to keep A Che’s hair healthy and retain length.

I’m putting a lot of time and effort into it. This will be for those of you who really want to take the time to learn how to care for your child’s and your natural hair. It will be on video and it will be very detailed and specific.

The attention of most people on YouTube is about 2.5 minutes. It is impossible in that short amount of time to really teach everything in detail.

I have decided to put this course together so that you can get EVERYTHING you need to know in ONE place. It will be available to you forever to refer to and watch as many times as your heart desires. I’m spending over a year putting this course together.

Currently, I am still working on the course. Until I am ready to launch it, I decided to share with you what I have done to A Che’s hair so far in 2016.

March 13, 2016- 1st Wash Day of this year!

First let me say her hair should have been washed way before March but I don’t stress if I’m not able to wash hear hair every 4-6 weeks…sometimes I do go over that. Not on purpose, but life happens.

Her hair was wash, conditioned, with Alma Legend products and put in curlformers to dry with no heat. You can view that here.

April 6, 2016- 2nd Wash Day of 2016

Her hair was washed, conditioned, deep conditioned (20 minutes under dryer), blow dried with creme press, flat ironed (creme press added as needed) and trimmed. All products were Kera Care Natural Textures line (my favorite line to use when I flat iron her hair) I did not film this because we were on spring break.

We took the week off from filming and blogging!

Here are a few pictures that I managed to snap with my phone.

little black girls hair style brown girls hair

Brown Girls Hair * April 6, 2016


brown girls hair little black girls long hair

Brown Girls Hair* April 6, 2016


little black girls hair styles long hair

Brown Girls Hair * April 6, 2016


Is there something that you would like to know that I didn’t cover? Just leave a comment and I’ll answer it for you!

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6 thoughts on “Natural Hair Wash Day *Long Hair*

  • Alexandria M Wilson

    What hair oil do you use for your daughter’s hair? Do you still use Kera care products?

        • Shaunic Post author

          Hair oils don’t promote growth. Every body’s hair grows at different rates based on genes and what you eat. It starts from the inside. The key isn’t growth. Unless there is a health issue, your hair is growing. The problem is you aren’t retaining length due to dryness which leads to breakage, split ends etc. I do recommend you massage the scalp with vitamin e. But it won’t work if you aren’t doing what’s necessary to retain length.

          • Shaunic Post author

            Hi Ola! That’s a loaded question that I get alot. Unfortunetaly, there isn’t z’one answer fit all” for that question. If you don’t have any health issues that affect the hair, you have to do a combination of things that can help. 1. Eat right. 2. Proper hair care 3. Patience. I know that’s not saying much but stick with my blog and youtube and I’ll help you through it.

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