How To Trim Natural Hair

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What’s Up Brownies?

I want to show you how I trim my daughter’s natural hair. I think I trimmed a little too much from her sides, but it’s ok, I know it will grow back! 🙂I have been the main care taker of my daughter’s hair for her whole life. The only thing that I relied on someone else for is to trim her hair. Well, my professional beautician of over 20 years past last year so I had to have the courage to do it for myself. No I’m not perfect, No her hair isn’t even all the way around, but I’m good with it because I know that I have my daughter’s best interest and what I mess up, I can fix!

It’s just hair and it will grow back for sure! I know how to take care of it so I know that it will be fine.

This video shows you how I trim my daughter’s hair to keep it healthy and thriving. I’m not in a competition for the longest hair. I really don’t care about length. What matters is how healthy her hair is.  Truth be told, my daughter’s hair could be to the floor right now, but I have no interest in taking care of hair that long. What she has is truly enough.

I’m ready for her to start taking care of it herself. She’s not ready and I’m not going to force it on her just yet. She has a little longer to enjoy me doing it and babyyyy she can do what she pleases with it! ….ok, ok, she’s my baby and I’m not ready to let go either LOL :)!

Anyway, the video below shows how I trim her hair. The good, bad, and ugly! It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough for us! With the split ends gone, watch how fast it grows back.


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