Quick 1 Minute Ponytail with Irresistible Me

What’s Up Brownies?

Happy New Year! This is our first post and video of 2018! I want each of you to know that we appreciate all of the support that you have given us throughout the years!This year is going to be an awesome year for those who are in the Lord! I am re-launching my dream business that I originally started over 10 years ago called Kisse Girl! It is a luxury personal care brand for ladies! I put it on the shelf when I started Brown Girls Hair and now I know that it’s time to take it off of the shelf and launch it again! The products with launch on February 1, 2018 and we are so very excited about it! You can follow it on Instagram to stay in the loop of what we are doing. It’s going to be extraordinary!

Make sure you write your goals for the year, pray, and work towards achieving them daily.

Now for the hair :)! I have been rocking this ponytail since I received it in the beginning of December. It is a one piece wrap around by my favorite hair brand, Irresistible Me.

In the video, I show you how I am able to get a classy hairstyle that is perfect for all occasions in a minute. When there isn’t a sale on the website, you can use the code get20off for 20% off of your first buy when there isn’t a sale on the website. They also offer an interest free installment payment plan to make items on the website more affordable.

I endorse Irresistible Me because I really love the quality of their products. I receive a lot of products from tons of brands and I choose to continue to wear and use Irresistible Me because it’s my favorite luxury hair brand hands down.

Check out the video below to see how I got this look in 1 minute flat!

If you are interested in how I grew my nails to be long and strong, check out my Insta Story on my Instagram Profile page (@shaunicstinson) and follow me while you are there!


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