Two Simple Cornrows with Hair Jewelry

brown girls hair, cornrows, little black girls, braids, long hair

What’s Up Brownies?

Ain’t nothing wrong with a quick and simple hairstyle with cornrows, right? (more…)

Quick Ponytail Hairstyle

brown girls hair, little black girls, hairstyles, cornrows, ponytails

What’s Up Brownies?

This hairstyle is super easy and great for little girls to adults! (more…)

Twist Out Mohawk with Uncle Funky’s Daughter

brown girls hair, uncle funkys daughter, mohawk, little black girls, hairstyles, twist out

What’s Up Brownies?

Last week we posted this cute hairstyle that will be perfect for the holidays! (more…)

My 1st Sew-In EVER! Disaster or Successful?

1st sew-in ever, brown girls hair, weave, closure

What’s Up Brownies?

A few weeks ago, I did my 1st Sew-In EVER! I’ll let you be the judge on if it was a disaster or nah? (more…)

Lagunamoon Facials


brown girls hair, lagunamoon, facials, acne fighting, anti-aging, skin care, routine

What’s Up Brownies?

We had the most unexpected fun doing our facials together! You guys seem to love our raw and uncut videos! (more…)

Quick Hair Color with Irresistible Me Ombre

brown girls hair, ombre hair, extensions, irresistible me, ginger hair color

What’s Up Brownies?

I have to share with you my new favorite hair color that I can change in minutes! (more…)