MIA….why? New Venture called Kisse Girl

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What’s Up Brownies?

We owe you all a huge apology. We have sort of been MIA, well, at least from here on the blog. Let me tell you why…….

One of the reasons that we haven’t been doing hairstyle tutorial video’s is simply because we needed a break from filming and editing. Maintaining a channel with a full time job and business not to mention a family can be very tiring especially when you’ve been doing it for years.

I was starting to feel tired and burned out so I stepped back and took a long break!

While we were resting, I felt the strong need to re-launch a business that I started over 10 years ago called Kisse Girl. I put it on the self because at the time, I had 3 teenage boys and a toddler that I was raising and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to meet there needs and be there 100% as a Mom. One thing I know for sure is you can’t get precious moments back with your kids.

Yeah, I could be a millionaire by now with this business, but I would have missed football games and honor programs and a whole lot of milestones and memories that I couldn’t be able to get back. I’m so glad that I made the decision to put my family first.

Now that all of my sons are in there 20’s and my daughter is a teen, I know that the timing is right for me to go for my dreams with no regrets.
If you follow us on YouTube or Facebook, we went live on those 2 platforms quite a bit in January and February. On February 1, 2018, we launched our own Beauty Line of products called Kisse Girl.

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Although we have 2 products that are great for the hair and body, our brand isn’t exclusively a “hair brand”. Our brand is all about products that make ladies Smell Good, Look Good, and Feel Good! Our product line currently has hair and body oil, hair and body butter, lip balm, and bath bombs.

We will expand to offer more beauty products in the future that include lotion, soap, facial products, make up, and nail products (nail polish etc.) To sum it up, it will be beauty products that women love!

We have been so busy putting the work in to get it launched and keeping our stock up that I haven’t had much time to do hairstyle tutorials.

We have launched this new brand from our home. All of the products are made by me with my own formulas that I created over the years.

Since we launched, the response has been overwhelming in a great way! In March we did our first in store demonstration in one of the stores owned by the largest beauty supply chain in the state of Georgia.

It went so well that the owner purchased our products and put them in his store the same day! I’m already looking to get help manufacturing our products!

Watch the video below to see our products on the shelf of our 1st retail store!

Those of you who have already shown support by purchasing our products, I want to give you a huge THANK YOU! There is no way we would be able to do this without you!

If you live in the Atlanta area, make sure you stop by Sunny Beauty Supply at 1426 Dogwood Drive SE, Conyers, Ga. 30013 to get our products!

We will still be on our YouTube channel doing live interactions and video tutorials as time allows! Make sure you turn you notifications on to catch us live! A new video will post Saturday! We will also being going live on Instagram and Facebook too!



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