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I often get questions about my take on using heat. So here’s my answer…………..

I don’t believe “heat” is the enemy of having healthy hair. I believe the misuse and abuse of heat is the enemy. As you can see, my daughter’s hair is healthy and so is mine. Not because we don’t use heat, but because we use it with care and respect! LOL

I use heat differently on my hair than I do hers. With her, I don’t use heat often and when I do, I make sure I use heat protectant. I don’t blow dry her hair more than 4 times a year (which is usually once every 3-4 months) and I flat iron her hair maybe 2-3 times a year. I wash her hair once a month.

I use heat a lot on my hair especially during the winter because I like to wear my hair straight. When I say a lot, that means I wash my hair every 4 weeks. I blow dry and flat iron it every time that I wash it. In the summer is when I give my hair a break from heat by wearing only wash and goes from May-August.

CAUTION: DON’T USE HEAT ON ALREADY DAMAGED HAIR. If your hair is already damaged, do not use heat. Cut or trim the damaged hair and work to restore your hair. Stay away from heat until it’s healthy. Or just stay away from it all together if your hair can’t handle it.

Over the years, I have developed my own rules of thumbs when it comes to the use of heat on my daughter’s hair that works for us.

Here are my rules:

1. I deep condition before I use heat (blow dry or flat iron).

2. I try not to use 2 forms of heat in one style session. (If I blow dry, I don’t flat iron too. It’s one or the other- not both). I’m not saying that I have never done both, but lets just say I don’t make a habit of it. If I flat iron, I band her hair instead of blow drying.

3. When I flat iron, I don’t run the iron through her hair more than twice. If it’s not straight after the second run through, it won’t be straight, PERIOD. If you haven’t flat ironed your child’s hair before, I recommend you use an iron with an adjustable heat gauge. Start low and slowly work your way up to a temperature that works. Don’t go over 410 degrees.

4. I don’t touch up her style. Once I have washed and flat ironed or blow dryed her hair, if it gets wet before wash day or something causes it to revert, I don’t flat iron it or blow it again. On the next wash day we do banding or twists etc.

5. When I do roller sets, I use small sections of hair on each roller so that it will dry faster. That way, she doesn’t have to sit under the dryer too long. Needless to say, I don’t do this often because her hair takes forever to dry even with a million rollers.

Keep in mind that the amount of heat one persons hair can take before it’s damaged by heat varies from head to head. Always use heat with caution and respect. It can damage your hair.

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