Halo Braids Hair Style Tutorial

halo braids little black girls natural hair style tutorial

Halo Braids Tutorial

What’s Up Brownies?

I couldn’t resist doing this super cute and very popular Halo Braids hairstyle on A Che’s hair!

She has gotten the most admiring compliments from people everywhere that we have gone all around Atlanta wearing this hairstyle!

She was shocked at the amount of attention that she has gotten! She gave me a huge hug thanking me for doing this hairstyle and I’m sure your little one will too! She said, “Mommy, this hairstyle really brings out my facial features!” I want to wear this to middle school.

Now all of my Moms who have tweens know that it’s a winner if your BIG girl loves a hairstyle so much that she requests to wear it to Middle School. Her first day of Middle School will be July 29th, so that means I will have to wash her hair and repeat this style again in a few weeks. 🙂

halo braids brown girls natural black hair style

Products Used:

The Mane Choice – It Doesn’t Get Any Butter Than This– used to moisturize her hair.

The Mane Choice- Growth Stimulating Edge Control Gel

This hairstyle is perfect for all ages. I have seen grown women rocking this hairstyle. It’s really not hard, it just takes a little patience with the process. If you can part and cornrow, you can do this hairstyle. JUST.FOLLOW.MY.TUTORIAL.

I make it very easy to follow and understand the steps to achieve it. Check out the video, subscribe to our channel, and don’t forget to follow us and share your pictures with us on Instagram and Facebook! Use #BrownGirlsHair to be featured 🙂


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brown girls hair, halo, braid, crown braid, hair do, braids
brown girls hair, halo, braids, crown braid, kids
brown girls hair, halo, braid, crown braid, hair do, braids, little, black, kids

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