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Wash Day July 26, 2015

What’s Up Brownies?

This weekend was a super busy one for me because my kids go back to school Friday. Yes, this Friday, July 31st. I know that’s early right? Well, we live in Georgia and my kids get out of school at the end of May and go back at the end of July/Beg of August.

back to school wash day little black girls natural hair

Brown Girls Hair Left Side Flat-Ironed

This summer went by so fast for us!! For those of you lucky enough to stay out until September, enjoy it!

This school year is a milestone for my youngest two children. A Che’ is a 5th grader and my youngest son is a Senior in High School this year so we will have a very exciting year I’m sure.

To prepare for the new school year, her fashion and hair must be on point or “on fleek” as the young folks would say! I spent all day Saturday shopping (without) A Che’ because it’s so much easier for me to go alone then to be in the stores all day debating with her because she doesn’t like anything that I pick (simply because I picked it) LOL! Can anyone else relate with me on that?

She and I had a talk about her school stuff and she made it clear to me that her fashion style has changed and she didn’t want to wear anything old from last school year! (I gave her the side eye immediately) and right then, I made up my mind that she was NOT going to break my pocket book and that I was going to figure out a way to go shopping without her! (Even though we do EVERYTHING together)! Sometimes, I wish she had to wear a uniform.

I had to sneak out of the house while she was sleep! Good thing my in-laws where visiting to entertain her! She called me and was like, “Mom, are you school shopping without me? I was like (in my excited voice) yeah and I found you some cool stuff and if you don’t like it, we can take it back and exchange it!! That was an acceptable agreement for her. When I got home, she loved everything and told me that I did a great job picking out her clothes and that she should trust me more! LOL I’ll be sure to post her back to school looks on the blog.

little black girls natural hair flat ironed back to school washday

Brown Girls Hair Flat-Ironed

First let me make it clear that at the time of this post, I am not being sponsored by Kera Care nor is this a sponsored post. I paid for all of the products that I mentioned in this post and I use them simply because they work for us PERIOD. If Kera Care offers to sponsor us, trust and believe, if the offer is right, I will not turn them down, but for now, this is all me.

Now for the little girls natural hair update, It took me all day yesterday to do her hair. I washed and trimmed her hair in May for the wedding and I washed and banned it in June. I didn’t do any braids or heat, and barely combed her hair this summer. I know, shame on me, but that’s how I give her hair a break from everything. We didn’t even swim this summer. She spent all summer with her hair in one ponytail with a twisted plait that I wrapped in a bun and tucked or 2 ponytails with both plaits twisted and tucked. In two months her hair grew a little more than 2 inches.

back to school washday trim natural hair care

Brown Girls Hair Back to School Trim

Yesterday, I decided that for back to school, we would wash, deep condition, and flat-iron, and trim her hair. I still don’t know what hairstyle she will rock, but when I style it, you will be the first to know! I am using Kera Care Natural Textures line on her hair. I’m not using any other products on her hair at this time. You can find what we use in our Amazon store here.

back to school washday trim flat iron natural hair

Brown Girls Hair Trim

I washed her hair with Kera Care Hydrating Detangling Shampoo, deep conditioned with Kera Care Intensive Restorative Masque. I added some Kera Care Leave-In Conditioner (LCO Method you can read about it here). Next, I moisturized her hair while wet with Kera Care Oil Moisturizer. I then detangled her hair and each detangled section was twisted. Several hours later, after detangling her hair, I added a very little Kera Care Cream Press to each section and blow dried with my Andis dryer on warm of course. Then I added a very small amount of Kera Care Curling Wax to each small section before flat ironing with my Diamond by Irresistible Me. After flat-ironing, I trimmed anywhere from 1/4 inch in the back and up to almost 2 inches in the front. Her front was a lot longer then the back. It was like that because a few years ago, her hair was trimmed while wet (huge mistake) because of shrinkage, the front was 3 inches longer than the back. (That’s why I only trim her hair when it has been straightened.) Now that her hair in the back is long enough, I evened the front with it which is why more was cut off in the front.

back to school washday natural hair little black girl

Brown Girls Hair

To detangle, blow dry, flat iron, and trim her hair took about 4 hours. Yes 4 hours. Now maybe you understand why I don’t do this task more often. Those of you who have Brown Girls with long, thick, course, hair can relate for sure! I hope this post has been a help to you. Please be sure to leave any questions or comments that you have. I prefer to answer them here then in e-mail. It gives other’s who may have the same questions the answers.

little black girl back to school hairstyle trim washday

Brown Girls Hair

Happy Styling! See ya tomorrow!

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8 thoughts on “Back to School + Little Girl Natural Hair Washday

  • Adia

    How do you deal with the humidity? I want to straighten my daughters hair but as soon as i do, it will poof up.

    • Shaunic Post author

      The curling wax keeps her hair from reverting. I’ll do an update post every week so you can see how long it lasts when I straighten her hair.

  • GiaBelle

    As always, A Che’s hair is beautiful, but more importantly healthy. This is my first time to comment, yet I have followed your tutorials on YT for a while…needless to say with my own love and knowledge for hair, in addition to great tidbits of info from hair lovies like yourself, my little girl age 7 has hip length hair, but more importantly healthy as well. Peace and blessings!

    • Shaunic Post author

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! I have a nice amount of followers but I’m working on inviting people to be more vocal.Sometimes I don’t really know if what I do is helping anyone. I really appreciate your comment. It’s great to know that we have helped you in some way:)

  • Capri

    Do you have a special technique for trimming the hair other than it being straight? Also how iften do you trim her hair?

    • Shaunic Post author

      Actually this was my second time really trimming her hair! I don’t have a special method. Like you mentioned, I only trim her hair after it has been straightened. I first identify how high I need to start trimming based on how her ends look. Then I do my best to trim all of her hair even straight across one section at a time.

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