Back To School Afro Puffs & Rope Twists Hairstyle + Collab

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What’s Up Brownies?

It’s time for back to school and we have the perfect hairstyles for you!

I am so excited that I was able to collaborate with 3 other ladies to give you multiple hairstyles that you can try for back to school this year! This hairstyle is the one that we did on Curlkit’s facebook page last month. You guys told me that you couldn’t see it clearly and that you wanted a tutorial and that’s exactly what I’ve done for you! The products that I used are by Kandy Kurls.

You have also made tons of inquiries about the heart hair accessories that A Che’s wearing. I got them at my local beauty supply store. A lot of you have told me that you can’t find them so I decided to make them for you. Mine are of much better quality than the ones that I purchased at the beauty supply store and they are handmade by me with much care and love which makes them way more special :)! You can purchase them HERE! I have some of them pictured below.

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Check out the hairstyle tutorial and let me know how you like it! Make sure you check out the other ladies back to school styles too. The playlist of them is at the end of my video! Please subscribe too!


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