My 1st Sew-In EVER! Disaster or Successful?

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What’s Up Brownies?

A few weeks ago, I did my 1st Sew-In EVER! I’ll let you be the judge on if it was a disaster or nah?I have never done a sew-in ever in life on anyone’s head, so I decided to do my very first one on myself. I figured if I did a botch job it would be easier to laugh it off, take it out, and move forward with my life! LOL!

I actually had fun with the experiment. I can’t begin to tell you how many emotions I had about sewing this weave in. I haven’t been a huge weave girl aside from the cute clip-ins that I recently feel in love with by Irresistible Me.

I like to do stuff that is quick with my hair. I don’t like to spend a ton of time doing my hair. Probably because my daughter’s hair demands so much time.

I don’t like the idea of any hairstyle that I can’t change, take out, or remove quickly when it’s getting on my nerves or when I just want to go to bed without anything interfering with my sleep. You know what I mean?

I don’t mind a wig every┬ánow and then because it’s a quick fix. I can put it on and take it off in a flash. I like clip in’s because I can put them in and take them out quickly.

A Sew-In how evah’, requires more work to install and I can’t take it out fast. I don’t like the temporary-permanent idea of it. Anyway, I pushed through my hang ups and did the sew-in.

Check out the video to see how it went.

By the way, the hair was beautiful and the quality of it was great. I’ll put the links to it below the video.



Hair links are below:
4*4 Body Lace Closure

Body Wave

Kinky Curly Wave



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