Ponytail Braids Hairstyle Tutorial

little black girls braids hair style

What’s Up Brownies?

This is the hairstyle that I did on A Che’s hair last Sunday. I don’t have any idea what I’m going to do with her hair. I just say a prayer to God, turn the camera on, and go to work. (more…)

60 Day Healthy Hair Challenge

brown girls hair 60 day healthy hair challenge

What’s Up Brownies?

The #1 question that I get is “How did I get A Che’s hair to grow so long?” This isn’t a one answer fits all type of thing. (more…)

Flat-Iron Series Finale| WeeK 6

brown girls hair flat-iron series

What’s Up Brownies?

I’m so excited that we made it! We have arrived to week 6 of our flat-iron series.  (more…)

My 1st Wish Haul

brown girls style wish haul make up review

What’s Up Brownies?

Have you heard of the shopping app called Wish? No? Let me be the first to tell you about it! (more…)

Rubber Bands ; Good or Bad?

rubber bands little black girls hair

What’s Up Brownies?

I’ve heard all types of opinions about using rubber bands. I’ve used them since A Che’ was a baby and have yet to have negative hair issues as a result. I decided to share my tips on how I’ve been able to use them successfully.  (more…)

Flat-Iron Series | Week 5

brown girls hair flat iron

What’s Up Brownies?

This is week 5 of our series showing how long A Che’s hair last when I flat-iron it! (more…)