4 Chunky Flat-Twists Hairstyle Tutorial

brown girls hair, chunky, flat-twists, hairstyle, kids, hair

What’s Up Brownies?

This hairstyle is so freakin’ cute, I think I’m going to wear it too! 4 Chunky flat-twists are so chic and easy! I love the way her hair fluffs out after doing flat-twists on it! (more…)

DIY Dress Simplicity 8124

simplicity 8124, dress, diy, sewing

What’s Up Brownies?

It’s been a minute since I posted something that I have made! Sooooo here we go! This dress was very easy to make. (more…)

Dutch Braids with Semi-Cinnabun Hairstyle

brown girls hair, dutch braid, little, black, girls, hairstyles

What’s Up Brownies?

This hairstyle reminds me of something soft and elegant like a wedding or a dance. This hairstyle would look really good on any age! (more…)

New Updo with Cornrows Hairstyle

brown girls hair

What’s Up Brownies?

We have another super cute hairstyle that can be worn at least 3 different ways that we show you in this easy to follow tutorial! 🙂 (more…)

NuNAAT Brazilian Keratin Review

brown girls hair, product review, long black hair, natural hair

What’s Up Brownies?

I want to share with you a product line that I tried a few months ago by NuNAAT. It’s called naat Brazilian Keratin. (more…)

Top Bun and Cornrows Hairstyle 2

bun, kids, hairstyle, cornrows, brown girls hair

What’s Up Brownies?

I am so pleased at how easy this cute and hairstyle came out! I love it when I am able to create a hairstyle that is perfect for any age! (more…)